Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cooking 'n stuff

My goodness it's been a L-O-N-G time since I have blogged!

It's so surprise that I enjoy cooking. I actually look forward to being able to make dinner each night (cleaning... not so much!). Recently we visited our friends Pr. Jim and Lesa and I noticed that Lesa had a list of a months worth of dinners on her fridge. For each day there was a main dish and a side. I loved that idea! I have so many recipes, but find that I make the same few things over and over and over again. This gave me a great opportunity to try new recipes.

Each week Sunday is "leftover" night (another Brilliant idea from Lesa) and other than that there are 3 or 4 new recipes for us to try. We are just starting our 3rd week and I'm loving it! Don't get me wrong, the initial setup took me almost a morning of finding new recipes and making grocery lists. I went shopping once for the months worth of meat and pantry items and each week I pick up fresh produce, milk, bread, eggs, that sort of thing. It also seems to have cut down on my grocery expenses; I have a lot less opportunity to impulse buy when I am only going to the produce and dairy sections.

I am also *trying* to eat less processed food and lessen our intake of High Fructose Corn Syrup. We don't eat a lot of boxed things... mostly pasta (which is too much of a pain to make fresh and doesn't contain any HFCS, as far as I know). I just found a recipe on for homemade granola bars which I am looking forward to trying. I'm not a nazi about HFCS, but would really like to cut down.

Check out Lesa's food blog - there are tons of great recipes as well as some amazing pictures!

I would love to hear some suggestions on how YOU are moving away from artificial ingredients and HFCS and eating more *whole foods*

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  1. YOu are going to get the corn people after you now!

    I try and cut out HFCS. It is easier as many national brands are beginning to reformulate. Sara Lee soft and smooth breads are now HFCS free and I can get them for 80 cents a loaf at the outlet.

    I joined a CSA this summer so we eat a lot more organic produce.

    I've switched us to brown rice most of the time.

    I switched our instant Oatmeal to BetterOats, not only is it cheaper, it has better ingredients, no HFCS and has flaxmeal and other grains in it. It takes 90 seconds in the microwave and is delicious.

    I try to bake our treats, though I still have a penchant for junky food.

    I try not to be a HFCS nazi either, but I am also willing to pay a few cents more for a product without it! I'm even currently drinking Pepsi rather than Coke...eep...I just can't break my nasty soda habit!

  2. Brenda, thanks for the shout-out about my blog! I am so glad the meal planning thing is working out for you. You said the recipe finding and list making took you "most of a morning"? That's awesome; it takes me most of a week! So good job!