Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have a lot of "guilt" associated with food, especially when it comes to my kids.  In general I feel like it is my job, as a mom, to instill healthy eating habits in my children and make sure they get all the nutrition they can now.  When they *leave the nest* they can do whatever they want.  But, I can bet that when they are on the therapist couch or in the doctors office they won't be saying "my dad....", it's always "my mom....".  My husbands job, when it comes to food is to get the drinks ready for dinner.  Wait, I take that back, he grills (and, by they way is an awesome griller!).  I pick the menus, I come up with the latest "rule" about food in our house (like only fruit or veggies in between meals), I do the research, I do the grocery shopping, and I am the one that falls short, most times.  Really, I try, but I am just lazy.

In a perfect world I would make (most) things from scratch, we would eat lots of fruits and veggies, we would never take a trip through the drive through, my kids would love all my meals, there would be wonderful dinner conversation (with no fighting, arguing or "I don't like this"), and I am pretty sure I would be a size 8.  But, I don't live in a perfect world!  We do our best with fruits and veggies, we don't eat many prepackaged foods...  you get the point.  And I feel guilty for every short cut I take!


  1. We do the best we can with what we have.

    I have a lot of food knowledge. And I am a good cook.

    However, I have a sweet tooth and love junk food.

    This can cause problems. We vacillate between very healthy meals and marginally healthy meals. I don't want to be the food police. I don't want my kids to rebel against healthy foods as adults.

    Balance is key.

  2. Your kids are going to tell their therapists, "My mom is funny. She worries a lot when she doesn't need to."

    BTW, in a perfect world, you'd still be bigger than size 8. You are way too tall for size 8 jeans.

  3. "When they *leave the nest* they can do whatever they want."

    No they can't. They are supposed to make their kids eat healthy, and teach them to teach their kids to teach their kids to eat healthy etc. You aren't just doing this for your kids, but for your grandkids, etc.